Food in NYC

East Village

Mamoun's [website, map] [Middle Eastern] NYC staple, great falafel and related cuisine. Try the falafel and shawarma combo sandwich!

Crif Dogs [website, map] [hot dogs] delish hot dogs, with lots of variety. Go with your gut here. Great atmosphere at night (due to a "secret" cocktail bar attached! You enter through a phonebox hilariously enough), but be prepared to queue.

Caracas Arepa Bar [website, map] [Venezuelan] good value arepas restaurant, very tasty. There's a take-away bar attached.

Big Gay Ice Cream Bar [website, map] [ice cream] you need to go here and eat the ice cream. Generally has queues in the evenings, but it's worth it. I recommend the Salty Pimp.

Butter Lane [website, map] [cupcakes] ICING SHOTS. A cupcake store that sells icing shots, for $1. Skip the cupcake middleman unless you're into that sort of thing.

Ray's Candy Store [wiki, map] [frozen yoghurt (ice cream), fried treats, some savoury items] a "deli" that serves all sorts of fun things. Best for treats etc. An East Village classic.

South Brooklyn Pizza [website, map] [pizza slices and pies] has a take-out location adjacent to its restaurant location. Excellent slices, quick and cheap too.

Luzzo's [website, map] [pizza pies] gets recommended a lot. They don't do slices, only full pies.

Pommes Frites [website, map] [belgian fries] fun NYC place: it's just belgian fries and sauces, but it's very tasty.

La Lucha [website, map] [Mexican] nice cheap Mexican, with fun decor. Also your check/bill arrives in a little boxing ring, great fun.

B & H Vegetarian [menupages, map] [vegan kosher diner] very tasty diner, with a decent value breakfast menu. They charge extra for take-out.

Cafe Mogador [website, map] [Moroccan & Mediterranean, brunch] very solid brunch option here, probably good at other times too.

Puddin' [website, map] [pudding] not necessarily the best value, but some very tasty puddings. Feed your sweet tooth!

Dumpling Man [website, map] [dumplings] there might be better fare in Chinatown, but if you're too lazy to make it that far, this place is very good. Nice and cheap, just like almost everywhere linked here.

Momofuku [website, map] [multiple - Japanese] a group of restaurants all with different vibes and menus (often very different). Also with different prices. Noodle bars and so on.

Xe May [website, map] [Vietnamese sandwiches and more] tasty sandwiches (and tacos and salads), Vietnamese style.

Luke's Lobster [website, map] [lobster rolls etc] now a thriving chain on the north east. Has multiple locations in NYC. Worth a visit! I'd recommend the lobster roll.

Tomkin Square Bagels [website, map] [bagels] almost as good as Murray's (in West Village). 

BaoHaus [website, map] [baos: filled steam buns] I found these to be delicious, but baos are apparently not for everyone. Prices are decent, but I've heard the queues can be large. Also loads of people love the fries!

Abraço [website, map] [coffee and treats] a fun hole-in-the-wall espresso bar, with an amazing olive oil cake slice. I'm guessing their other treats are good too (especially if they happen not to have any olive oil cake in stock).

East Village Coffee

Abraço  - above

Ninth Street Espresso map

West Village / Greenwich Village

Peanut Butter & Co [websitemap] [all things peanut butter] every type of PB sandwich you could think of - from classics to oddities (personal fav : w/pickles). Slightly expensive for what it is but worth it if you're a PB fan. 

Sockerbit [websitemap] [sweets] a great swedish sweet store. Surprisingly different and wide selection of pick and mix jellies. 

The Corner Bistro [websitemap] [burgers] a dingy small pub with an awesome burger . The staff won't be friendly but the burger is worth it and dirt cheap at that. 

Dos Toros [websitemap] [Mexican] a decent mexican chain with all the usual suspects - tasty and good value. 

Murray's Bagels [websitemap] [bagels] bagels at their best, you might even see a celebrity or two. 

Umami [websitemap] [burgers] this LA chain has recently opened up in NYC , and it is worth the hype. Possible rival to the Shake Shack empire.

Bleeker Street Pizza [websitemap] [pizza] excellent pizza slices often with a queue out the door. 

Artichoke [websitemap] [pizza] massive pizza slices. Worth getting the "artichoke" for something different but the others are great too.

Taim [websitemap] [Middle Eastern] possible contender for best falafel in Manhattan. Try sample their different flavours of falafel (green, red and harissa). They also have a truck which can be fun although more difficult to find... 

Magnolia Bakery [websitemap] [cupcakes et al] of Sex and the City fame but it is worth the hype. Branch out and don't get a cupcake , everything else is good too. Banana pudding, icebox cakes, cookies are a few of the other options. Numerous locations in the city but this is the original so expect tourists with their cameras. 

Big Gay Ice Cream - see East Village 

Mamoun's - see East Village 

West Village Coffee

Joe map - multiple locations all over city

Jack's map - no toilet

Think Coffee map

Stumptown map


Le Parker Meridien Burger Joint [websitemap] [burgers] hidden behind a curtain in this plush central park hotel is a dingy burger joint serving up some awesome patties. Expect a wide range of clientele.  

Magnums [yelpmap] [ice cream] summer 2013 HB had a pop up make your own magnum pop up storefront in Bryant Park and we hope it returns again. Purchase old staples made there and then or customise your own. A bit pricey but a bit of fun. 

Bryant Park Food Market [websitemap] [food market] there is always a host of things on in Bryant Park, including a delicious food market. Check their website to see if it is on during your trip. 

Culture Coffee [websitemap] [coffee and cookies] good coffee can be hard to find in midtown but this place is great. However the main reason to visit is because of its cookies. SERIOUSLY THE BEST COOKIES YOU WILL EVER HAVE. 

Five Guys [websitemap] [burgers] another burger chain that has got it right. Fries are especially good and free peanuts while you wait. Has multiple locations around NYC and USA.

Restaurant Row [website (warning: music etc), map] [multiple restaurants] never ate here but apparently it's a collection of decent restaurants all on one block: on 46th street, between 8th and 9th avenue.

Luke's Lobster - see East Village

Magnolia Bakery - see West Village

Midtown Coffee

Culture Coffee - see above

Joe - see West Village

Blue Bottle - see Chelsea

Cafe Grumpy - see Chelsea

Lower East Side (LES)

Tacquiera LES  [yelpmap] [Mexican] loud, dingy but probably the best Mexican in town. Don't forget to pick up some free chocolate and sweets when you're leaving.

Economy Candy [websitemap] [sweets] dirt cheap bulk candy. limited pick and mix options but tons of variety. Fun to visit even if you don't buy anything. 

Soulvaki [websitemap] [Greek] started off as a truck but has since opened up a permanent location. Excellent Greek food in a cute atmospheric restaurant at very reasonable prices.   

Lobster Joint [websitemap] [seafood] decent lobster and an assortment of other seafood. The roll is probably better in Luke's but this place is pretty good. 

Meatball Shop [websitemap] [meatballs] don't go if you don't like balls. Pick your meatball, side and sauce.

Lower East Side Coffee

Gimme Coffee map 

SoHo / Tribeca

Dominique Ansel Bakery [websitemap] [bakery] of Cronut fame this bakery also offers a wide range of delectable goodies. Who knows what DKA will think of next. 

Chobani [yelpmap] [yoghurt] a cafe that lets you create your own yoghurt concoction by picking a flavour and toppings. Pretty pricey but pretty tasty. 

Chelsea / Meatpacking

Chelsea Market [website, map] [food court] lots of great stuff available at this food court. It's best to google around for what to eat within the market: most of the stuff is great, but I'm sure some are better than others. The Fat Witch brownies are pretty damn good... Also, Ninth Street Espresso has a location here

Artichoke - see West Village

Chelsea Coffee

Café Grumpy map - probably the best coffee I've had in NYC, but it's close

Ninth Street Espresso - see above, Chelsea Market

Joe Coffee - see West Village

Downtown / Financial District

SmorgasBar [website, map] [smorgasbord] if you follow the website link, you can find the other larger versions of this excellent smorgasbord, which are in Brooklyn. From "Spring" till October, this smaller version runs in Downtown Manhattan. It's not huge, but it has some great stuff: pizza, gourmet hotdogs and sandwiches, lobster, oysters etc. 

7 - Eleven (fancy!) [map] an abnormally fancy version of this very common convenience store. If I recall, you can "pull" your soft drinks and slurpees like a bartender...

Umami Burger - see West Village

Luke's Lobster - see East Village 

Downtown Coffee

Jack's - see West Village

Flatiron District / Madison Square Park

Shake Shack [website, map] [fast food] the original one!! Although many find this joint overrated, it's fairly decent. Basically it's very good fast food. This one is a collect only, so go to this on a nice day, and enjoy the park. Else, head to one of the others around the city. Warning: the queues are longest at this one. 

Eataly [website, map] [Italian market chain] full disclosure, never actually ate here, or bought anything. Just used their restroom. It's not easy to find restrooms in NYC, and this seemed the best placed from Madison Square Park. It's a large food hall setup, with all Italian stuff. I hear it's not bad!

Upper East Side (UES)

Luke's Lobster - see East Village

Meatball Shop - see Lower East Side

Upper East Side Coffee

Joe Coffee - see West Village

Upper West Side (UWS)

Hummus Place [website, map] [Israeli, vegetarian] decent spot up this end of town serving your typical Middle Eastern fare, without meat. 

Upper West Side Coffee

Joe Coffee - see West Village