Food in Philadelphia [0.01]

Warning: threw this page up in the early days, needs a lot of work...

Food Trucks


I love food trucks. When I left Dublin, these were practically non-existent there. It sort of makes sense, since Dublin's streets are probably less receptive to trucks parking in a prominent spot all day (although I hope to be proved wrong). Best so far is Tacos Don Memo. During the week it's on 38th, just south of the Locust Walk bridge. On Saturdays it's in the Clark Park farmer's market - which is where this picture was taken. They make the food when you order it, and it's definitely not fast food - best bet is to call in advance.

The Chinese in UPenn have voted with their wallets for  Yue Kee (also on 38th - just north of Locust Walk) and Kim's (beside Pottruck) - both are solid, I prefer Kim's. 

Burgers and Fast Food

500° is a damn good burger joint. They have one of the best "bun-less" options, although it's not advertised. Unless they've changed it, they basically serve your burger on a bed of lettuce. Sounds pretty simple, but other places manage to mess up the bun-less option somehow.

I like Shake Shack. I don't mind eating there at all. But sadly it's not the fast-food mecca that it's sometimes proclaimed to be. Although I suppose that raises the question of where is?

Bobby's Burger Palace is not worth the money - it's not cheap, and both times I've gone I've got a rather dry tasteless piece of beef. Sad times.