Three Great Pieces of Writing

I read Ariel Levy's article when it came out in The New Yorker in November, but was only reminded of it recently. Apparently it's doing very well - it "won the National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticism and will be included in the Best American Essays of 2014". Well deserved. I've never been so affected by a piece of writing in my life.

Thanksgiving in Mongolia, Adventure and heartbreak at the edge of the earth.

Also in The New Yorker was Roger Angell's beautiful piece on what it's like to grow old. I highly recommend it.

This Old Man, Life in the nineties.

The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates has been producing excellent pieces of writing regarding race and racial identity in America for a long time now. Just recently he produced a 15,000 word feature regarding America's moral debts and reparations for slavery and the discrimination that followed. He makes an undeniable case that the effects are still felt today.

The Case for Reparations